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Step 1 - Access code

Access code located on label on reverse of controller

Enter the access code for your kiln controller. This can be found on the white label on the back of the controller as shown above.


Step 2 - Controller options

By default, your kiln is configured so that programs can only be changed using the controller keypad. By answering "Yes" below, you will be able to download programs from your controller, store them in a library, modify them, and then upload them back to the controller.

By answering "Yes" below, you will be able to stop a program remotely using the Kiln Portal. This is useful if you detect a problem with the firing and wish to abort.

By answering "Yes" below, the Kiln Portal will record details of all of your kiln firings. This is helpful in diagnosing kiln problems such as worn elements.

Step 3 - Account details

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Step 4 - Password

Enter a password for your account. This must be at least 8 characters long and contain a mixture of numbers and upper and lower case letters.